How to organize an overseas tour for your office?

If you have been having the power and the responsibility to get your office an overseas tour, then you have gem of an opportunity to deliver a long-lasting employee satisfaction. On the other hand, if you didn’t do it, who else can? This is why you should take the chance and make it happen. If you have already decided to do it, then great! – Now it is all about how you are going to do it. The process isn’t rocket science because after one point, things get quite convenient.

Here is how you should organize an overseas tour for your office.

  1. Confirm the number of people who would actually show up

In the context of corporate travel management, almost every travelling company in the world offer packages. Most of these are destination focused. Which means that, you have to agree for the destination and then, you can fill up the seats. In such background, it is essential that you have a very clear idea about the actual number of people who are going to show up. This does not refer to David from the accounting section who is hypoed for it but won’t conform. Make a list and get the confirmation.

  • Choose the destination carefully

After the confirmation is concluded, you all should discuss about where you are going to go. Naturally, you can use this opportunity to help your employees gather a certain amount of overseas exposure as well. But if it entirely leisure focused, then that is fine too. You could go for a raffle draw, random voting or whatever the way you choose to try. But it would be better if you had some good suggestions to begin with. Here are some;

  • France
  • Morocco
  • Norway
  • India
  • Iceland
  • Switzerland
  • Choose a reliable travelling agency

You won’t be able to have a peaceful tour unless you travel with a reliable travelling agency. Why? Since there are many people to begin with, it basically multiplies the number of works for a single person whilst adding few more responsibilities. Hence, if you were the one in charge, you won’t be able to have fun since that time will be drained by all the handling work. In addition, professionals would do it better than you do. Hence, why take the chances?

  • Ensure that all the requirements are submitted on tome

If the agency is asking certain documents to make process work, you should listen to them and submit everything on time. If not, you might end up losing amazing chances.

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